Located in SE Texas, Walker County is the 51st largest county in Texas with a population of 64,119. We are home to the cities of Huntsville, New Waverly and Riverside and Sam Houston State University. The area was originally named for Robert J. Walker of Mississippi, who introduced into the United States Congress the resolution for the annexation of Texas; because he was a Unionist during the Civil War, however, in 1863 the state legislature changed the honoree to Samuel H. Walker. Walker County encompasses 801 square miles of rolling hills and open prairies in the Piney Woods vegetation area; around 70 percent of the county is blanketed by forests of loblolly, short-leaf and long-leaf pine, and hardwoods. The area rests at the extreme western end of the Coastal Plain region. The Cenis Indians were among the earliest known residents of the area that is now Walker County. They lived between the Trinity and the San Jacinto rivers, where they raised corn crops which they traded with western Indians for horses, hides, and Spanish goods. The Cenis were wiped out in 1780 by invading tribes that had been driven from their own ancestral homes along the Mississippi River by American expansion.


Huntsville State Park- http://tpwd.texas.gov/state-parks/huntsville

Sam Houston State University- http://www.shsu.edu

Texas Prison Museum- http://www.txprisonmuseum.org

Sam Houston Memorial Museum- http://samhoustonmemorialmuseum.com


Chamber of Commerce- http://www.chamber.huntsville.tx.us

City of Huntsville- http://www.huntsvilletx.gov

TDCJ- http://www.tdcj.state.tx.us

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3 beds - 2 Baths

29 Brumley Road

Huntsville, Texas

MLS® ID: 90518005


B 18, L 15 Red Hawk Road

Huntsville, Texas

MLS® ID: 73963708

3 beds - 2+ Baths

7 Ranch Road B

New Waverly, Texas

MLS® ID: 4428792

3 beds - 2+ Baths

2110 Avenue N 1/2

Huntsville, Texas

MLS® ID: 29412240

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